Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

Listen to “Lost Cause”, out now:
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Directed by Billie Eilish

Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  • LOKI
    LOKI5 timmar sedan


  • Arti Emily
    Arti Emily5 timmar sedan

    I don’t like this

  • Saputra agung
    Saputra agung5 timmar sedan

    mba lilis😔

  • ♥︎cupid♥︎
    ♥︎cupid♥︎5 timmar sedan

    damn, billie changed. we will miss our old billie

  • حوراء عامر
    حوراء عامر5 timmar sedan

    لا ياحبيبتي ارجعي عالكأبه احسن 🙂

  • screenwriterjohn
    screenwriterjohn5 timmar sedan

    I think she doesn't want backup dancers more attractive than her.

  • Карина Щербак
    Карина Щербак5 timmar sedan

    блин, очень классно, мне понравилось. увидела пост в вк, что она потолстела, но где ? обычная фигура

  • Ana Caxz
    Ana Caxz5 timmar sedan

    eu te amo billie eilish,eu te amo:(

  • Angelo James Vendiola
    Angelo James Vendiola5 timmar sedan

    I miss old Billie 😭

  • berry berry strawberry
    berry berry strawberry5 timmar sedan

    she is acting like she is bi but she is straight like what is wrong with u 💀 go get some more attention girl

  • vee
    vee5 timmar sedan

    I thought this was a sign that she's lesbian or bi but she's dating a homophobic/racist man now 😃

  • Frippe Frippre
    Frippe Frippre5 timmar sedan

    Hello bille im a big fan!!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍

  • SM Creation
    SM Creation5 timmar sedan

    2:21 is so beautiful and my favorite part ,the way she said "could be anywhere" sends chills down my spine, damn super talented young girl

  • Dark star
    Dark star5 timmar sedan

    Without billie

  • Dark star
    Dark star5 timmar sedan

    These girls are so hungry😁

  • Dora Chan
    Dora Chan5 timmar sedan

    just no

  • Tio Taylor
    Tio Taylor5 timmar sedan

    Aí meu coração ❤️

  • Güneş Zeynep Ay
    Güneş Zeynep Ay5 timmar sedan

    do you like turkey (country)

  • awstenknightz waifu
    awstenknightz waifu5 timmar sedan


  • Nathaniel Munoz
    Nathaniel Munoz5 timmar sedan

    This song is so bad the video looks so weird i don’t like the vibes it’s giving off...💀 the dancing doesn’t match the song too

    SECRET5 timmar sedan

    You are the only girl I love like crazy in the whole world. I wish you would answer my comment. I have been commenting for a year. I love you.

  • A Strawberry
    A Strawberry5 timmar sedan

    Luving the new look. Leave that emo phase behind sis!

    SECRET6 timmar sedan

    Hi. I really love you. I wish you would answer my comment one day😔

  • cartierbae
    cartierbae6 timmar sedan

    im in love with this confidence that's radiating off of her WOWWW

  • Tay
    Tay6 timmar sedan

    Wtf is wrong with your voice

  • Hiroka Sempai
    Hiroka Sempai6 timmar sedan

    u try be look like milye cyrus????

  • Адильхан Кали
    Адильхан Кали6 timmar sedan

    какая ж она классная, ухх

  • s o f i a
    s o f i a6 timmar sedan

    yay queerbaiting! I guess that’s okay to do now

  • Gilmar Santos
    Gilmar Santos6 timmar sedan

    ❤️💵 tt

  • Nisma Khan
    Nisma Khan6 timmar sedan

    I love how....femme it is

  • 즁
    6 timmar sedan

    빌리 왜이러.......빌리...ㅠ 자기가 하고있는것아 자유로운게 아니라 성적대상화되는걸 생각해줘...코르셋 화보말이야...ㅠ

  • bts konserine gitmeden ölmem
    bts konserine gitmeden ölmem6 timmar sedan

    queerbaiting queen😘🤩

    GXD BLXSS YXU6 timmar sedan

    So no one gonna talk bout the drum is like the hub intro lmao😂😅

  • curlykidkay •
    curlykidkay •6 timmar sedan

    this seems forced idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Siddanth Bilgundi
    Siddanth Bilgundi6 timmar sedan

    Love The way U lie : |

  • Laelah belle Goodman
    Laelah belle Goodman6 timmar sedan

    Y'all do know she has turrets???

  • Meme For you

    Meme For you

    6 timmar sedan

  • Janssen Beato B. Pacheco
    Janssen Beato B. Pacheco6 timmar sedan

    i don't get the issue on this smh. this is so good like what's wrong people

  • soff spizzirro

    soff spizzirro

    5 timmar sedan


  • lucy141laible
    lucy141laible6 timmar sedan

    Not a bad song bit u could sing sing not like mumbling its like eh.. but u sure do have better songs than this one ! 😉

  • Neon Smiley
    Neon Smiley6 timmar sedan

    She's such a sellout!

  • Sound OPM

    Sound OPM

    6 timmar sedan

  • Ljörd Sirë
    Ljörd Sirë6 timmar sedan

    The song doesn't fit the music video, tf xD

  • Anika r
    Anika r6 timmar sedan

    i knew she would get canceled sooner or later

  • Sajid Yt
    Sajid Yt6 timmar sedan

    Lost my mind !

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ6 timmar sedan

    i am looking *respectfully*

  • Sjoerd


    6 timmar sedan


  • หนีเมีย ไปเลียหมี
    หนีเมีย ไปเลียหมี6 timmar sedan

    สุดยอดครับบิลลี่ จากใจเด็กน้อยชาวไทย

    KUSH EXE6 timmar sedan

    They're just friends...

  • Y/N-chan~
    Y/N-chan~6 timmar sedan

    She's not straight and no one can convince me otherwise.

  • bruhh


    6 timmar sedan

    Nah shes dating a homophobic man

  • Hurdylyn Woods
    Hurdylyn Woods6 timmar sedan

    They definitely were listening to a different song when they were dancing 😂

  • Sxt1ne Music

    Sxt1ne Music

    6 timmar sedan

  • GaLaXyGuy♠️
    GaLaXyGuy♠️6 timmar sedan

    I don't know she's blonde but she's pretty🥰

  • Neon Smiley

    Neon Smiley

    6 timmar sedan

    I certainly don't think so!

  • 《LIT》
    《LIT》6 timmar sedan

    Esta buena la billie

  • Lorraine Davis
    Lorraine Davis6 timmar sedan

    I hate it

  • Kak Ferdi
    Kak Ferdi6 timmar sedan

    Like a song's agnezmo 😄

  • Cosmo Eclipse
    Cosmo Eclipse6 timmar sedan

    Here from that tiktok. Does it really say “MEN” on the dart sign she threw an arrow at around 0:19? I stg yall-

  • Tecnologoto
    Tecnologoto6 timmar sedan

    This is the "bad guy" which always must had been.

  • Slowed † reverb

    Slowed † reverb

    6 timmar sedan

  • Naomi Jiménez
    Naomi Jiménez6 timmar sedan


  • Joyce Pareja
    Joyce Pareja6 timmar sedan

    Billie your boyfriend is raicist your fans are worried

  • Vr Gaming Channel
    Vr Gaming Channel6 timmar sedan


  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost6 timmar sedan

    Looks like the 5’0” club

  • Cindy Estrada
    Cindy Estrada6 timmar sedan

    Whoever dont like is a karen.

  • Clay tanks
    Clay tanks6 timmar sedan

    да нахуй вам цветы?

  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost6 timmar sedan

    If this is this generations idea of a grand vocalist. Then there is something wrong here.

  • Cindy Estrada

    Cindy Estrada

    6 timmar sedan


  • Viet Hoang
    Viet Hoang6 timmar sedan

    a new style

  • Carlos Dean
    Carlos Dean6 timmar sedan

    This song is lit

  • Viet Hoang
    Viet Hoang7 timmar sedan

    Oh my God

  • Milly fanpage
    Milly fanpage7 timmar sedan

    Never thought that Billie would get canceled...

  • Amber


    5 timmar sedan

    Exactly like this music video

  • Amber


    5 timmar sedan

    Queerbaiting is a marketing technique for fiction and entertainment in which creators hint at, but then do not actually depict, same-sex romance or other LGBTQ+ representation.

  • Bob Stamos

    Bob Stamos

    5 timmar sedan

    @Meagan Massacre I'm saying you are naive. No one is putting large corporations on blast for this "Queer Bating". Yet some sort of idol you guys practically worship does a stupid music video and you all go ape shit. Clearly ignoring the fact that all if you are gaining up on singular person. You're no better than a bully. Gang up on establishments that are monetizing you. Oh and by the way I do apologize for getting the acronym wrong. Have a nice day now.

  • Meagan Massacre

    Meagan Massacre

    6 timmar sedan

    @Bob Stamos also how tf do you fuck the acronym up that bad 😭😭 please

  • Meagan Massacre

    Meagan Massacre

    6 timmar sedan

    @Bob Stamos lmao when did i say anythinf about companies who do that? Thats a problem too; theyre profiting off lgbtq+ folks aswell

  • Bella Ihaka-drysdale
    Bella Ihaka-drysdale7 timmar sedan

    No hate but billie what have you become your dating a 29 year old man and he's hobofobik and rasis so billie please go back to your normal self couse I love you and yeah.😢

  • Yukiish _
    Yukiish _7 timmar sedan

    I’m glad I never liked her

  • Jenard
    Jenard7 timmar sedan

    "queerbaiting" u guys don't have girl friends that's embarrassing.

  • 𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐲 🧺
    𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐲 🧺7 timmar sedan

    uma vdd q ninguém aceita: esse clipe tá meio merda sim, e tbm da mt vergonha alheia

  • khalela islami
    khalela islami7 timmar sedan


  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Imaan Haider

    Imaan Haider

    6 timmar sedan


  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo 👉😍❤👈

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te Amo

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo

  • Scott MacLaren

    Scott MacLaren

    6 timmar sedan

    you so down bad bro 😭😭 u need help cuz

  • Marcos 1
    Marcos 17 timmar sedan

    Te amo

  • Louisa
    Louisa7 timmar sedan

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    PINK WHALE7 timmar sedan

    This confident was missing in her life

  • Sound OPM

    Sound OPM

    6 timmar sedan

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira7 timmar sedan


  • Karen Wolfe
    Karen Wolfe7 timmar sedan

    tune !!! shame she has to go There for the likes tho lol

  • Ashley R. Nolasco
    Ashley R. Nolasco7 timmar sedan

    im so dissapointed in you billie

  • Honestly No

    Honestly No

    6 timmar sedan

    @Ashley R. Nolasco yeah I thought you were talking about the queerbating thing that's happing.. I don't agree with that fact that people think that's what she is doing.. but the bf issue yeah I understand why people are disappointed in her

  • Ashley R. Nolasco

    Ashley R. Nolasco

    6 timmar sedan

    @Honestly No if shes still with that guy shes bad as he is.

  • Ashley R. Nolasco

    Ashley R. Nolasco

    6 timmar sedan

    @Honestly No sure for that, but she dated a guy whos racist and a homophobic and billie "stans" lgbtq and blm? wow how disaster would that be for her platform huh?

  • Honestly No

    Honestly No

    7 timmar sedan

    Oh shut up for the "queerbaiting thing?"

  • melanie yaretzi juarez morales
    melanie yaretzi juarez morales7 timmar sedan


  • drug box
    drug box7 timmar sedan

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  • Alyssa P
    Alyssa P7 timmar sedan

    I would love to have a sleepover like this but I have no friends…

  • Slowed † reverb

    Slowed † reverb

    6 timmar sedan

  • Julio Martinez
    Julio Martinez7 timmar sedan

    This the only billie song I don't like

  • ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁵⁰ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ
    ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁵⁰ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ7 timmar sedan

    Dear parents, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn't mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they are just watching this masterpiece.

  • yes yes
    yes yes7 timmar sedan

    i hate gou

  • iluminaria
    iluminaria7 timmar sedan

    you can do whatever you want it doesn't matter if they criticize you. Love u Billie ❤️

  • Meme For you

    Meme For you

    6 timmar sedan

  • Fabian Pulido
    Fabian Pulido7 timmar sedan

    Te amoo💛💛

  • Victoria Lazo
    Victoria Lazo7 timmar sedan

    ASMR music lmao