Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Live From The BRIT Awards, London)

Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:

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See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.

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  • فان لصلعة تشانيول
    فان لصلعة تشانيول11 timmar sedan

    لافيوو بيلي 💗💗😭

  • Tune Je
    Tune Je15 timmar sedan

    This song gives me crazy goosebumps

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad17 timmar sedan

    يا بنت اللعيبه

  • Nerea
    Nerea18 timmar sedan

    3:27 holy fuckin shit

  • ——
    ——21 timme sedan

    Good song but not realy compearyble to bond

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana CarolinaDag sedan

    you guys are talking about the audience, I'm sorry for you guys but if you think that's a loud crowd please never come to a show in Brazil

  • Peaky_Bobbers
    Peaky_BobbersDag sedan

    Not heard this for a while, just have me goosebumps. Really dramatic and brilliantly performed.

  • Nick Past
    Nick Past2 dagar sedan

    Huge disrespect from crappy audience. You should have kept your god damn mouth shut because she performs great. And frankly all those god damn stupid kids screaming ruined the entire theme for no reason.

  • Mira Rozy
    Mira Rozy2 dagar sedan

    Billie Eillish my life 😘😘😍💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Mira Rozy
    Mira Rozy2 dagar sedan

    I love you my love and my life and my life always continued you 😘😘😘😘

  • park's siblings
    park's siblings3 dagar sedan

    can you guys please shut up , i want to blessed my ears with billie's voice not the audience's scream. it's not the right timing duh

    Noa WERDENBERG3 dagar sedan


  • Fiona Browner
    Fiona Browner3 dagar sedan

    I honestly hated her theme.

    JEON ELLA3 dagar sedan

    I just wanna push who scream like leeeet meeeee listeeeeeeen

  • tainA
    tainA4 dagar sedan

    3:22 wow

  • ___Sophia ___
    ___Sophia ___4 dagar sedan

    Beautiful 😻

  • J8ie Music
    J8ie Music4 dagar sedan

    소리 왜이렇게 질러대냐,,?? 진짜 생각 없는건가

  • Diverse VE
    Diverse VE5 dagar sedan

    You guys are simply amazing! Thank You! You are one of a Kind!...

  • Boratitanius
    Boratitanius5 dagar sedan

    Hans Zimmer is not used to disrespectful people at concert so I guess he's standing there thinking while performing: "Holy shit shes good, but HOLY SHIT her fans are disrespecting shitkids".

  • Filmed by Edmund
    Filmed by Edmund5 dagar sedan

    Johnny Marr !!!!

  • Annie A. Tipton
    Annie A. Tipton6 dagar sedan

    This was AMAZING like who sounds that good live?! Only her…

  • Rocio Garcia da Rosa
    Rocio Garcia da Rosa6 dagar sedan

    this version gives me chills

    UNREST6 dagar sedan

    She is gifted ❤️ Unreal control of notes

  • Klay Er
    Klay Er6 dagar sedan

    All these comments about the audience screaming have made me realise that Kpop concerts have completely changed my perception of it...

  • Hirode playlist
    Hirode playlist6 dagar sedan

    We're all here for this moment : 3:22

  • aldrick banks
    aldrick banks6 dagar sedan

    hans deserves everything, so does billie.

  • Jyotsana Bohara
    Jyotsana Bohara7 dagar sedan

    She hits those lower notes like it's nobody's job.

  • Elvira Méndez
    Elvira Méndez7 dagar sedan

    WOW!!! me dió escalofríos

  • Navya Pandit
    Navya Pandit7 dagar sedan

    This is for all those people who say Billie whispers and sings

  • Ghosters 123
    Ghosters 1237 dagar sedan

    I cryyyy....😭😭😭 Im love you Billie♥️♥️♥️ I really cryyyyy😢😭😭😭😭😭 Billie just be the most beautifully singer and my lover😔😭😍♥️✊🏻

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam7 dagar sedan

    The song is reminding me of the start of Covid19😔

  • ILove Morissette

    ILove Morissette

    6 dagar sedan

    Lol hahaha

  • HozellaPlays
    HozellaPlays8 dagar sedan

    This honestly gives me goosebumps it's so good and the atmosphere is amazing! It's also so nice to see Finneas by her side they are such a good duo love you Billie 💗

  • Kitty & Don Ochaco Uraraka
    Kitty & Don Ochaco Uraraka8 dagar sedan

    Everyone is like oh the audience shouldn’t have screamed but actually maybe they were super excited also this is my favourite song of her

  • Lee Button
    Lee Button8 dagar sedan

    Most saying is the best Bond theme done so far - no gonna argue wid that but Live and Let Die will always be the the best Bond Movie!

  • Goo-Hee Tử Ly `•.
    Goo-Hee Tử Ly `•.8 dagar sedan


  • Chris Ian
    Chris Ian8 dagar sedan

    Came for Johnny Marr. Couldn't hear him.

  • İsmail Tokgöz
    İsmail Tokgöz8 dagar sedan


  • Gintarė Maksimovaitė
    Gintarė Maksimovaitė9 dagar sedan

    Billie Eilish is such a talented singer.

  • Lekarz Kto
    Lekarz Kto9 dagar sedan

    When this movie is finally released it is going to be the biggest hit ever.

  • Lee Button

    Lee Button

    8 dagar sedan

    Yeah will be best Bond theme ever done easy but Sheena?

  • YouNoWhy ThatIs
    YouNoWhy ThatIs9 dagar sedan

    She will become an icon.with good reason.that girl has got some real talent.

  • Marie Douven
    Marie Douven9 dagar sedan

    Its its.......😱😨wouw

  • Zara a
    Zara a9 dagar sedan

    Y’all hating on the audience knowing very well y’all would’ve done the same having been there so no bueno😙🤚👎

  • D. P.
    D. P.10 dagar sedan

    Wow, the ignorance in the comment section to the fact, there is Hans Zimmer performing with her is hurting! To be fair the management of the YT-Channel could at least mention it in the description. Music-Industry...

  • Rachel Mayne
    Rachel Mayne10 dagar sedan

    մsմαllվ í ժօղ'Ե líkҽ líѵҽ ѵҽɾsíօղ, ճմԵ աíԵհ ճíllíҽ օตցօsհ lօѵҽs sհҽ ís αตαzíղց! ♡

  • ILove Morissette

    ILove Morissette

    10 dagar sedan

    What's that font

  • Amélie Desbief
    Amélie Desbief10 dagar sedan


  • rick van den broek
    rick van den broek11 dagar sedan


  • Nilesh Jadhav
    Nilesh Jadhav11 dagar sedan

    Speechless.Don't even have words to describe this performance 💓🔥💯

  • Nadia Gajda
    Nadia Gajda12 dagar sedan


  • Nadia Gajda
    Nadia Gajda12 dagar sedan


  • Marte .io.
    Marte .io.12 dagar sedan


  • zapidante
    zapidante12 dagar sedan


  • Billie
    Billie12 dagar sedan


  • Filipe Mendes
    Filipe Mendes12 dagar sedan

    Tomeee Voz porra

  • Lydia•
    Lydia•12 dagar sedan

    june 2021??

  • Stelmaria
    Stelmaria12 dagar sedan

    This film still hasn't come out lmao

  • lyly
    lyly13 dagar sedan

    can those people shut up

  • Kio Amachree
    Kio Amachree13 dagar sedan

    One of the Best Performances Ever at the Brits . She is just bloody amazing !!

  • Random Videos From Portugal
    Random Videos From Portugal13 dagar sedan

    oh my crush.

  • Jacob Busby
    Jacob Busby13 dagar sedan

    Is that Jonny marr?

  • My life in video
    My life in video13 dagar sedan

    Thought Adele was great but this is the best of all time

  • Karim torres
    Karim torres13 dagar sedan

    Los que decían que billie solo susurraba quedaron asi: 🤡

  • Hailey Townsend
    Hailey Townsend13 dagar sedan

    how could anyone say she whispers after seeing this video

  • Hailey Townsend
    Hailey Townsend13 dagar sedan

    I swear I come back to this performance AT LEAST once a month

  • Diamond
    Diamond13 dagar sedan

    🎤👑LYRICS:👑🎤 🌃Verse 1:🌃 🎧🎵I should've known🎵🎧 🎧🎵I'd leave alone🎵🎧 🎧🎵Just goes to show🎵🎧 🎧🎵That the blood you bleed🎵🎧 🎧🎵Is just the blood you owe🎵🎧 🎧🎵We were a pair🎵🎧 🎧🎵But I saw you there🎵🎧 🎧🎵Too much to bear🎵🎧 🎧🎵You were my life🎵🎧 🎧🎵But life is far away from fair🎵🎧 🎧🎵Was I stupid to love you?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Was I reckless to help?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Was it obvious to everybody else🎵🎧 🌃Chorus:🌃 🎧🎵That I'd fallen for a lie?🎵🎧 🎧🎵You were never on my side🎵🎧 🎧🎵Fool me once, fool me twice🎵🎧 🎧🎵Are you death or paradise?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Now you'll never see me cry🎵🎧 🎧🎵There's just no time to die🎵🎧 🌃Verse 2:🌃 🎧🎵I let it burn🎵🎧 🎧🎵You're no longer my concern🎵🎧 🎧🎵Faces from my past return🎵🎧 🎧🎵Another lesson yet to learn🎵🎧 🌃Chorus:🌃 🎧🎵That I'd fallen for a lie🎵🎧 🎧🎵You were never on my side🎵🎧 🎧🎵Fool me once, fool me twice🎵🎧 🎧🎵Are you death or paradise?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Now you'll never see me cry🎵🎧 🎧🎵There's just no time to die🎵🎧 🎧🎵No time to die🎵🎧 🎧🎵No time to die🎵🎧 🌃Ending:🌃 🎧🎵Fool me once, fool me twice🎵🎧 🎧🎵Are you death or paradise?🎵🎧 🎧🎵Now you'll never see me cry🎵🎧 🎧🎵There's just no time to die...🎵🎧 (I apologize if there's any mistake in the lyrics [if there is pls do tell me so i can fix it], hope this lyrics helps for you to sing along and have fun!~ ●v●)

  • ILove Morissette
    ILove Morissette14 dagar sedan


  • Billieeilishmusic88
    Billieeilishmusic8814 dagar sedan

    I love you

  • jsr
    jsr14 dagar sedan


  • Andreas torres
    Andreas torres14 dagar sedan


  • Hamideh Bahashtyazad
    Hamideh Bahashtyazad14 dagar sedan

    بیلی تو عالی هم صدات و هم خودت و هم داداشت شو ما دو تا استوری زندگیمیم

  • Vivian Le Van
    Vivian Le Van15 dagar sedan

    Guys thats fucking Johnny Marr on the guitar

  • sarah
    sarah15 dagar sedan


  • sarah
    sarah15 dagar sedan


  • sassy
    sassy15 dagar sedan


    ARACELY GONZÁLEZ16 dagar sedan

    Para la gente que dice que solo susurra 3:24

  • RealToaster
    RealToaster16 dagar sedan

    heide witzka da geht mein Herz auf

  • E7Windiee
    E7Windiee16 dagar sedan

    *How is no one talking about her nails???😍😍*

  • ILove Morissette

    ILove Morissette

    14 dagar sedan

    @RealToaster Hater

  • E7Windiee


    16 dagar sedan

    @RealToaster if you don’t care then kindly shut the f* up like others.Thank you :)

  • RealToaster


    16 dagar sedan

    bc no one cares

  • sonya marmeladova
    sonya marmeladova16 dagar sedan

    They should have done this without the audience. Unbelievable.

  • RealToaster


    16 dagar sedan


  • matty petr
    matty petr16 dagar sedan

    this stands out as billie's best performance she's ever done.

  • RealToaster


    16 dagar sedan

    @matty petr i apologize. I am kinda drunk and Do Things that are really weird

  • matty petr

    matty petr

    16 dagar sedan

    @RealToaster i think so, or at least within her top 3. Still my opinion

  • RealToaster


    16 dagar sedan

    thats her best???

  • Flawless lawless
    Flawless lawless17 dagar sedan

    Although she is a soft singer she does it greatly her voice is soft and haunting in a way

  • ILove Morissette

    ILove Morissette

    14 dagar sedan

    @RealToaster why u mention him they're literally in a different genre what's wrong with you

  • RealToaster


    16 dagar sedan

    justin biber cooler. like 10 times

  • انستا😘
    انستا😘17 dagar sedan

    حلوة غنية

  • Tyra Angelique Regencia
    Tyra Angelique Regencia17 dagar sedan

    Time to die proves that love is blind because once you love him you only have eyes for him and no one else which you can’t see the truth are you death or paradise? Bruh hits hard

  • Aghnia SH
    Aghnia SH17 dagar sedan

    3:23 she killed it😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  • Ella McNulty
    Ella McNulty17 dagar sedan

    fun fact: you watched it more than one time

  • MLV Squad
    MLV Squad17 dagar sedan

    I love Billie and I will scream during a concert but I would NEVER scream during an orchestra. Not to mention, it's Hans Zimmer!

  • i am nicole
    i am nicole17 dagar sedan

    that high note!!!! 🥺

  • Brooklyn Mills
    Brooklyn Mills18 dagar sedan

    I just wanna smack df outta da whole crowd

  • Lhagwagerelmaa B
    Lhagwagerelmaa B18 dagar sedan

    Waaaw brawo ❤️❤️✨✨✨😱

  • Wu Eskew
    Wu Eskew18 dagar sedan

    This is Billie's first LIVE performance of "No Time to Die." She, Finneas, Johnny Marrs, Hans Zimmer and the orchestra did a great job. The composition itself -- the music and the lyrics -- is hauntingly beautiful.

  • Mathew O'Connor

    Mathew O'Connor

    12 dagar sedan

    Johnny Marr - singular. No multitude of entities would ever be able to come close to matching that man

    NOBLE COMPUTERS18 dagar sedan

    This one

  • Ahmed Al Agooz
    Ahmed Al Agooz18 dagar sedan

    Is that William Eyelash!

  • Khloe G
    Khloe G19 dagar sedan

    can the audience here shut UP jfc let me hear the damn song

  • The Unknown one
    The Unknown one19 dagar sedan


  • eli
    eli19 dagar sedan

    I thought I was the only one to shake my mic when I sing. Idk why I just do it

  • stefaneros
    stefaneros19 dagar sedan


  • stefaneros
    stefaneros19 dagar sedan

    Ich liebe dich.. wie verrückt es sich nach dieser langen Zeit auch liest.. aber das ist so.. ich vermisse dich..und das du es eines Tages liest, siehst..

  • krish Varma
    krish Varma19 dagar sedan

    How can 17k people disliker her performances

  • stefaneros
    stefaneros20 dagar sedan

    me pequina C. JTC..

  • Viet Vibez
    Viet Vibez20 dagar sedan


  • rickzzz
    rickzzz20 dagar sedan

    If only there was an award for the most annoying audience ever…

  • Ananya C
    Ananya C20 dagar sedan

    she's insane...i'm so in love