15-year-old Los Angeles songstress Billie Eilish resembles something of a fairy tale heroine-albeit with a wicked sense of humor, and inimitable fashion sense filtered through a kaleidoscope of hip-hop, grunge, and glam tendencies ready to practically levitate above any runway. It’s this kind of je nais sais quoi that fueled the meteoric rise of her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” Produced by big brother Finneas O’Connell, the siblings uploaded the track to SoundCloud and it became a veritable phenomenon, with the song hitting #1 on the Spotify U.S. Viral chart and #3 on the Global Viral chart. In between signing to Darkroom/Interscope in 2016, Vogue decried her as “Pop’s Next It Girl,” and she has since received praise from the likes of Charli XCX and Tove Lo, plus support from Teen Vogue, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Billboard, V, W, Zane Lowe of Beats1, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and many more.

Billie Eilish - my future

Billie Eilish - my future


  • Prasanna pal
    Prasanna palMinut sedan

    I heard this on loop for 2 hrs and i can't believe it

  • Ebadi Hasan
    Ebadi Hasan2 minuter sedan

    Who else came here to actually see how is she doing with showing her body.... 🤡

  • Ebadi Hasan
    Ebadi Hasan2 minuter sedan

    Is this a wig again?

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali3 minuter sedan

    ILOV YOU Billi Eillish

  • Hae E
    Hae E3 minuter sedan

    oopsy billie accidentally spilt some ink sorry i meant a LOT of ink

  • حسوني البصراوي
    حسوني البصراوي5 minuter sedan

    كبرانه صايره مو حلوه

  • Arpan Manna
    Arpan Manna5 minuter sedan

    Any Indian hare❤️

  • Hae E
    Hae E5 minuter sedan

    omg shes so good at singing!

    SUNNY ACHARYA6 minuter sedan

    This song makes me feel that I recently broke up 😂💖

  • Sandra Meesala
    Sandra Meesala6 minuter sedan

    I just got through an article accusing this video of queerbaiting and I lost it. Glad YT commenters here have more sense

  • Creepy Lena
    Creepy Lena8 minuter sedan

    I wished I was there...

  • Adan
    Adan8 minuter sedan

    I feel like before she didn't want to be exposed for her insecurities. But now, she is being all bold and confident about her body. I guess some things really do change. 😔

  • sk saiful
    sk saiful10 minuter sedan

    I love 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 this song

  • Drop of light in the dark
    Drop of light in the dark11 minuter sedan

    hiç türk yok lan :/

  • Nessy . M
    Nessy . M12 minuter sedan

    I listen to this song everyday💯 🥰🥰🥰

  • •R i l e y•
    •R i l e y•13 minuter sedan

    I liked the old billie 😟

  • Creepy Lena
    Creepy Lena6 minuter sedan

    Me too😞

  • Endlord15
    Endlord1514 minuter sedan


  • گيـےوتهہ
    گيـےوتهہ14 minuter sedan

    هلو 🐦

  • Creepy Lena
    Creepy Lena5 minuter sedan


  • Courtney Epperson
    Courtney Epperson14 minuter sedan

    Girl power, go Billie!

  • L11NL
    L11NL15 minuter sedan

    ها سقطنج البنات وبطلتي تحتشمين😂 كيدهن عضيم😂😂😂

    ADEL KADI3 minuter sedan


  • ᅲᅲ
    ᅲᅲ15 minuter sedan

    yes bestie profit out of lgbtq+ 😍

  • Sugoi Desu
    Sugoi Desu15 minuter sedan

    I think

  • Fr Free U
    Fr Free U17 minuter sedan

    Let's see who is here June 2021 for this masterpiece

  • A.I.
    A.I.18 minuter sedan

    I can't stand her voice.

  • A.I.
    A.I.19 minuter sedan

    This isn't queerbaiting. This is every-teenage-boy-in-america-baiting.

  • Kago Setlhare
    Kago Setlhare19 minuter sedan

    Home girl twerkin🤦🏿‍♂🤦🏿‍♂

  • Random Sports
    Random Sports19 minuter sedan

    i don't know why this type of videos got so many views melody no lyrics just craziness damn!!

  • Brain
    Brain20 minuter sedan


  • venti!
    venti!20 minuter sedan


  • Shotty
    Shotty21 minut sedan

    This comment section is cringy af

  • لا تنسى
    لا تنسى25 minuter sedan


  • kitty sarkar
    kitty sarkar29 minuter sedan

    last year i was 18 ,now i see that billie has change a lot.....btw i will have all time crush

    𝐉𝐄𝐎𝐍 𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐘𖠄30 minuter sedan

    I needed her when she was wearing long clothes and now she is🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    𝐉𝐄𝐎𝐍 𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐘𖠄2 minuter sedan

    @Creepy Lena It's getting so weird, isn't it?

  • Creepy Lena
    Creepy Lena5 minuter sedan


  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady31 minut sedan

    Loving this new era of billy ,but it defo gives me amy Winehouse vibes with the beats and the angelic voice slating men loved it x

    I'M WARRIOR31 minut sedan

    After 3 year 💙....

  • Marduk Gaming
    Marduk Gaming31 minut sedan

    tu nuevo estilo! 🖤🖤 antes casi no me agradabas :3 ahora me encantas!!! 😍

    BAD LUCIFER31 minut sedan

    Love Billie eilish 😍

  • Baᑎᗩᑎᗩ Տᗩᑌᑕᗴ
    Baᑎᗩᑎᗩ Տᗩᑌᑕᗴ32 minuter sedan

    She's just 19? I thought she was in her 30's

  • Mqry Mbxmq
    Mqry Mbxmq33 minuter sedan

    Bestie talk to us

  • Eddievedders Asscheeks
    Eddievedders Asscheeks34 minuter sedan

    Now when she’s finally happy she gets cancelled lol. (I’m not supporting her actions, I just find that funny)

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Proud of you!

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Proud of you!

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic34 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic35 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic35 minuter sedan

    Love youuu

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic35 minuter sedan

    Love u

  • Katherine Rivera
    Katherine Rivera35 minuter sedan

    The purple head exemplarily nail because uzbekistan lamentably whirl behind a taboo interactive. combative, elderly date

  • Mia Jovanovic
    Mia Jovanovic35 minuter sedan

    Love youuu

  • Imad Soussi
    Imad Soussi35 minuter sedan

    I love girls cuz i’m straight.

  • Fataim Husien
    Fataim Husien35 minuter sedan

    اكازا رينغوكو اوباني غيومي

  • potato
    potato36 minuter sedan

    I can't believe she is dating a 30 year old homophobic racist 😧

  • Shotty
    Shotty24 minuter sedan

    Go back to twitter keyboard warrior

  • Shotty
    Shotty24 minuter sedan

    Ok 14 year old

  • xXThe-Killer 16
    xXThe-Killer 1637 minuter sedan

    Ti amo

  • aleksi ovaska
    aleksi ovaska37 minuter sedan

    I just came to see most liked comment

  • potato
    potato38 minuter sedan

    I stan billie but i felt this song is not that good like before. Watcha say?

    ƑƐ𝓐Ꮢ㆜𝓐Ƶ39 minuter sedan

    Nah so sad I'm go leave this earth

  • ๑ You will be my girl ๑
    ๑ You will be my girl ๑40 minuter sedan

    burdaki billie'yi özlüyorum:')

  • Aysenaz Gultepe
    Aysenaz Gultepe40 minuter sedan


  • Engravings Ocelot
    Engravings Ocelot41 minut sedan

    iconic. you go girl

  • jonathan benitez
    jonathan benitez41 minut sedan

    You realize girls have always been like this right like just cause she did this ain’t mean she lesbian or bi lmaooo bozo ass people

  • Mn Paneth
    Mn Paneth42 minuter sedan

    I love song

  • Mn Paneth
    Mn Paneth42 minuter sedan

    I love song

  • s.a
    s.a42 minuter sedan

    your music went downhill, billie. and now you called your fans embarrassing and you’re dating a 30 year old racist man.

  • Music Omega
    Music Omega45 minuter sedan

    Super gg

  • Nikita Terekhov
    Nikita Terekhov46 minuter sedan

    Well guys, suits for the last James Bond ever going to be made!

  • Rohit singh
    Rohit singh46 minuter sedan

  • Андрей Вагизов
    Андрей Вагизов46 minuter sedan

    Кто русский и Кратово смотреть этот клип

  • lexa parone
    lexa parone46 minuter sedan

    They're dancing to "Lost Cause" rock version

  • ChrOnicKPoP
    ChrOnicKPoP48 minuter sedan

    put the cake down!

  • Sabina Ander
    Sabina Ander46 minuter sedan


  • Afina Dolinskaia
    Afina Dolinskaia49 minuter sedan

    Billie, you behave yourself rightly 💪Stay strong and believe that you deserve a big love, you will feel it again and get it back!❤😀

  • Sabina Ander
    Sabina Ander46 minuter sedan

    Nice words are you a fan?

  • corvo
    corvo49 minuter sedan

    I'm in the lgbtq Community (bi and trans) and I am honestly very disappointed at the community. SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO LIKE WOMEN TO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT LESBIANS! IT'S NOT QUEERBAITING! And she can't control her Friends. Smh y'all would even cancel a spoon. Very embarrassing

  • corvo
    corvo22 minuter sedan

    @Vic Mallowpuff they can feel themselves and be straight. That's completely okay. I don't really think it's homophobic to enjoy time with people of the same gender

  • Vic Mallowpuff
    Vic Mallowpuff41 minut sedan

    And bi and paragirl and I agree...also, women just feeling themselves together but not even be gay like- Homophobes be obsessed with us 🤚🏼

  • coraline rainbow
    coraline rainbow50 minuter sedan

    we all know they did this ✂️✂️ after the filming

  • manas .s
    manas .s50 minuter sedan

    Hey guys

  • Kevin Peacock
    Kevin Peacock50 minuter sedan

    You only think if you could do this!! I bet they had fun making this video..

    PANZY50 minuter sedan


  • RobloxHacker_SUB_0
    RobloxHacker_SUB_050 minuter sedan

    angel sing